1) All designs at Rana's by Kshitija are exclusive and designed in-house.
2) The fabrics used to make the dresses are all 100% pure and premium quality. Hence, they look much rich, better and pretty.
3) All the designs are embellished with intricate - bareek handwork. Not only its all handmade its also very well finished, neat and beautiful.
4) Sustainability - Since we use very good fabric and the finishing of our handwork is very good the dress stays new for a much longer time than any other. It can be re-used to 10-15 years or more if kept well, as the fabric and embroidery both is good quality.
5) For the type of fabric (premium) and the embroidery our work is very reasonable as the brand tries to promote Indian handwork and royal clothing.
6) Customisation - we strongly believe traditional Indian wear looks fabulous in all sizes and colors. But as per ones personal liking we customise both, the size and colors. We also customise the fabric as per ones liking.
7) Colors - May it be bright vibrant colors or light pastels, we work with a wide spectrum of colors and since they are all hand dyed they look lovely on pure fabrics. Solids or ombre dyes, bandhani and leheriya, we use a wide variety of hand dyed color variations.
8) Unlike any other label we always leave margins upto 1 or 2 size up. Since, the dresses are so pretty and beautiful we believe you should be able to wear them whenever you want. So even if your body changes over the years, you can easily adjust the dress to your size and wear it comfortably.
9) Dresses are an extension to ones personality and we design to make your feel beautiful, happy and enjoy getting dressed hence, all our designs and dresses have a positive vibe with them.
10) Stitched, ready to wear. We stitch all we make so that the set is complete and in harmony. So the complete set looks perfect and beautiful when worn.

For orders and details you can also contact us at: 7023953082 or visit our designer studio at: H-9, Chitranjan Marg, C-Scheme, Jaipur.

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