What one should know about fabrics when you go dress shopping?

With the festive and wedding season around its the best time of the year to go Shopping!

For any dress you may buy, a suit, a saree, a gown, a lehenga or an anarkali the fabric is the most important part. It decides the feel, fall and look of the dress. What we wear should always make us feel good and comfortable.

Here are a few pointers to help you understand the various types of fabrics you come across when you go shopping. Hopefully by the end of the blog it will be simpler for you to choose your clothes when you go shopping next time.

Lets start with:

Knowing the types of fabrics:

There are two types of fabrics-

1) Pure - natural fabrics - All fabrics made by natural materials like cotton, wool, silk and jute.

2)Synthetic - chemical based fabrics - All fabrics made by chemical materials like polyster, rayon, spandex and nylon.

The terms used in the market to address them:

1) Pure fabrics: 100% pure fabric

2)Synthetic fabrics: 60/60, 50/50, modal, santoon, semi pure and mix.

Differences that help you choose between the two types of fabrics: 

Pure fabrics Synthetic Fabrics
as it is made of natural material is absorbent, breathable, comfortable and durable. as it is made of chemicals it is less absorbent and breathable thus less comfortable. Also, less durable.
more expensive much cheaper
falls better, looks rich and the colors come out beautifully. do not fall and look as royal as pure fabric and the colors look slightly duller.
high meintenance low meintenance

can be used/kept for years and would still remain in good condition

begin to look old and damaged when kept for long

Common materials of the fabric and which one is the right one for you:

The most commonly used materials are:


For thin women it is suggested to wear fabrics that are more stiff or thick to make them look healthy. Fabrics like crepe, silk, satin, organza, tissue look best. 

For healthy women it is suggested to wear fabric that are more figure hugging and falling to make them look slimmer. Fabrics like georgette, chiffon, net look best. 


For Summers - Cotton, Chanderi, Chiffon, Georgette, Net and other light weight, absorbent and soft materials. 

For Winters - Silk, Raw silk, Modal, Crepe, Satin, Velvet and other thicker and warm materials. 

Always choose fabrics which enhance your style and as rich as per occasion. Especially when you dress for special events of your life you want to look and feel your best. Thus, pure fabrics are always preferred and used. 

Along with the right fabric, the color, the type of work and silhouette are also very important. Coming with up with out next blog soon! 

Till then, Happy Shopping!